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Baltimore at Night

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MD APA Presents: Responding to Civil Unrest through Community-Led Planning on 5/24/2016. Info is here

Last year, Baltimore joined the ranks of U.S. cities that have witnessed community unrest sparked by tragic events involving engagement between law enforcement and members of the black community. APA-Maryland and the Baltimore AIA have convened a panel to discuss the role planners play in creating and supporting policy and development decisions that result in urban design challenged environments that foster social inequity and factor into displays of civil unrest. This discussion also will focus on how planners can take a central role in rebuilding efforts and creating more sustainable environments following incidents of community unrest. Speakers for the evening will be Tracee Strum-Gilliam, Director of Mid-Atlantic Client Solutions at PRR, JC Faulk, Community Organizer and founder of An End to Ignorance and Circles of Voices, Seema Iyer, PhD, associate director and research assistant professor for the Jacob France Institute in the University of Baltimore?s Merrick School of Business, and Tonya Sanders, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning

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Maryland APA´s Chapter President Pat Haddon has released a welcoming statement to all members. Read it here.

Maryland Planner is now accepting articles for the spring 2016 issue. We would like the articles not to exceed 2-3 pages in length (800-1200 words). Please include one to two pictures per page. Inclusion of links to the source or related information is encouraged. Smaller articles, reports on recent activities, information about upcoming events, and other planning news items are also welcomed. Please submit your articles and photographs to one of the following email addresses by May 6, 2016.

Kui: kzhao@baltimorecountymd.gov

A solar building in Tempe, Arizona welcomes the APA National Conference to Arizona! 50 Maryland APA members attended the 2016 conference!

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